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  • Mobile app on flutter (Android and iOS) +90k WW Users
  • More than 1,500 contents, 6,000 minutes of Play content
  • Vimeo Live Integration
  • Play content manager (access levels, seasons, premieres, etc.)
  • Statistics in Google Analytics and Firebase
  • Content-based user feedback statistics Google Chromecast, Apple TV integration


We added a team to the development of this great product. This application combines a mixture of web technologies divided into different projects.  We focus on the communication of this tool with the technological environment.

Integration with authentication servers, synchronization with other software such as Jira and MS 365, and general implementation as webhooks. We also design and implement the public API to allow integrations from other software.


Loyalty program for the entire gas channel in Mexico, from the dispatchers to the end customer, points and benefits for each purchase.



“Real-time” web application for equipment location by georeference. Presents metrics and events in graphs and maps generated from readings from sensors installed in each piece of equipment.


  • Real-time monitoring of Claro Argentina’s  telecommunications sites and infrastructure.
  • Comparison of Metrics with IDEAL Industry indicators.
  • Detection of potential failures, in real time or deterioration of
    equipment through a historical analysis of their values.


We scaled the development team and took over native mobile apps (Android and iOS) and React PWA, using and developing a custom backend (based on microservices).

  • Mobile app on flutter (Android and iOS) +150k WW Users.
  • More than 200 contents, 9000 minutes of Play content.
  • Vimeo Live Integration.
  • Play content manager (access levels, seasons, premieres, etc.).
  • Statistics in google analytics and firebase.
  • Content-based user feedback statistics.
  • Design, look and feel Megatlon Play.
  • Google Chromecast, Apple TV integration.

Juan Mishima

Head of Development

For more than a decade I have been consolidating myself as an expert in software development and opening my way in the technology industry. I have a degree in Systems Engineering, but my academic career did not stop there: I worked as a university lecturer for more than 4 years.

Valeria Allione

Head of Training

Improving experiences in higher education is my area of expertise. I have more than 15 years of experience in academic design and management for quality learning processes. My job is to deliver customer-oriented service with agile team and project management. 

Lorena Cagliero

Head of Talent as a Service

The world of talent management is my world. I have a degree in Psychology with a diploma in Agility and I specialize in talent recruitment and team management processes. With more than 25 years of experience, I seek to apply new methodologies to promote the development of people in organizations.

Rodrigo Porta

Co-Founder & COO

In more than 20 years as a professional I became an expert in quality engineering, project management and Blockchain, with the purpose of accompanying large companies in the improvement of processes as a consultant and trainer. I have a master’s degree in quality engineering and postgraduate degrees in PMI and Quality Management Systems.

Iris Gastañaga

Co-Founder & President

I am a coach and trainer specialized in agility, leadership, project management, and digital transformation with more than 15 years of experience. My goal is to help organizations improve their processes, management, and culture.

Rodrigo González

Co-Founder & Sales

I am an entrepreneur specialized in strategic management, sales, and IT services. With a Master’s degree in Business Management and experience as a CEO, director, and co-founder, one aspect has been constant throughout my career: adapting and growing in every new environment.

Luciana Patiño

Co-Founder & CEO

I’m a lawyer with expertise in international trade and intellectual property, with a postgraduate degree from McGill University. I worked as a leader in big companies and discovered that consulting is my field: when it comes to business, relationships are the key.